January 6, 2009

Enchantment and Ruin: Mario Coyula’s Havana

Havana by now can be imagined as one city in two countries. The fiery splendor of Old Havana has emptied money and momentum and much of its future into Miami....| More
January 5, 2009

Our Music Man in Havana: Bobby Carcasses

The polite name for it was folklore, but it was the daily stuff of peoples’ lives. Dancing and music were never very far away, It didn’t mean people were happy....| More
February 20, 2014

Cuba’s Healthcare Revolution

Cuba’s revolutionary vanguard: US medical students Keasha Guerrier, Kereese Gayle and Akua Brown Three winters ago our Open Source trip to Cuba turned around on an astonishing moment of serendipity. At...| More
February 11, 2010

Ghana Speaks (IV): … and Koo Nimo...

Click to listen to Chris’s visit with Koo Nimo (60 minutes, 36 meg mp3) It is 7:30 a.m. on the last Saturday in January, a warm winter morning in Ghana,...| More
April 23, 2009

Carlos Fuentes: FDR to BHO: the New...

“What a pleasure,” Carlos Fuentes was saying, “to speak praises of the United States again.” Click to listen to Chris’s conversations with Carlos Fuentes (22 minutes, 10 mb mp3) Mexico’s...| More
January 16, 2009

One Man’s Mix of Cuban Music: Roberto...

I asked Roberto Zurbano for the impossible: a short course on Cuban music. Say, a flight across the 60 years since Chano Pozo met Dizzy Gillespie… in something less than...| More
April 11, 2008

Pico Iyer: the "Transcendentalist" Dalai Lama

In Tibet the Dalai Lama was an embodiment of an old culture that, cut off from the world, spoke for an ancient, even lost traditionalism; now, in exile, he is...| More
March 20, 2008

Cuba in Our Ears (IV): Ned Sublette

And then — deeper than the Revolution, coming and going — there’s the music of Cuba. Our brilliant, besotted, utterly persuasive authority Ned Sublette drives head-on into Alex Ross’s theme...| More
March 17, 2008

Cuba on our Minds (III): David Kaiser’s...

The journalist and diplomat William Attwood is the exceptional spirit in David Kaiser‘s new history of the JFK assassination, The Road to Dallas. Attwood leaps off the page as a...| More
March 13, 2008

Cuba for the Long Run (II): Adrian...

Adrian Lopez Denis finds it laughable that even the best of the Anglo-American media, The Economist and The New Yorker, made iconic covers of cigar smoke (and crushed cigar butts)...| More
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