May 19, 2008

Glenn Loury: The Missing Voice of Jeremiah

Are we supposed to be hoping that the Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s hair-raising 15 minutes of fame are over? The black polymath Glenn Loury and I are puzzling in conversation here...| More
October 3, 2005

Race and Class: Glenn Loury

Listen to the Show Glenn Loury Glenn Loury, in his colleague Paul Krugman’s account, “has become what, say, Arthur Koestler or George Orwell was in another time and place: one...| More
November 29, 2005

Race and Class: The Artists' Take

Click to Listen to the Show (24 MB MP3) Mobility, by British-Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare. Image courtesy of James Cohan Gallery, NY. [Yinka Shonibare / James Cohan Gallery] The awful...| More
November 4, 2010

Reading Obama’s Mind: Pragmatism and Its Perils

Click to listen to Chris’ conversation with James Kloppenberg (38 minutes, 19 mb mp3) If there is a problem with Barack Obama’s thinking, his “intellectual biographer” James Kloppenberg is saying...| More
February 10, 2009

Barack Obama: What Kind of Insider? Brown...

Glenn Loury shares an intimate sort of rumination here on who Barack Hussein Obama really is — or who he will turn out to have been. What will small things,...| More
January 30, 2009

Obama and the Prophetic Tradition: Brown Bag...

Barack Obama’s connection to the “black prophetic tradition” is the open question here in conversation with Anthony Bogues, the Jamaica-born chairman of Africana Studies at Brown. In breaking through the...| More
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