April 10, 2009

James Carroll: Practicing "Americanist" Catholic

Click to listen to Chris’s conversations with James Carroll (56 minutes, 26 mb mp3) “Practicing” — meaning: James Carroll: radical, pastoral, sacramental …that through these disciplines, rituals, and searches, we...| More
September 20, 2018

Original Sin

The Roman Catholic Church is staring transfixed at a cascading scandal of crime and non-punishment. Sex crimes by priests against children are turning up now in far corners of the...| More
June 14, 2018

Two Guys Walk Into a Summit in...

From “fire and fury” to a “terrific relationship” in less than a year sound like a happy turn in the Trump-Kim dance around nukes and North Korea. Better news coming...| More
August 17, 2017

The Plague of Fascism in America

It’s plague time in America. We’ve reacquainted ourselves with the wannabe centurions of white supremacy: their faces, their weapons, their torches. We have a new notion of what homegrown American...| More
January 8, 2014

On Pope Francis:

For people who like homework, here’s my essential on-line reading list on Pope Francis: A Big Heart Open to God: The Pope’s wonderfully expressive, open, personal account of himself in...| More
January 2, 2014

Happy New Year friends!

2014 begins for us with a new radio show on WBUR. Call it a Boston conversation with global attitude. On Thursday nights (and rebroadcast on Sunday afternoons) we’ll remind you...| More
April 12, 2013

Speaking of Pope Francis: What’s in a...

At the Harvard Divinity School, we’re listening in on the euphoria around the new Pope, Francis. What’s in a name? A lot, it turns out. What’s the real brand of...| More
June 22, 2007

Lessons from Northern Ireland

Click to Listen to the Show (24 MB MP3) Ian and Martin, BFF? [dps / Flickr] On May 8th, Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness — two men who were once...| More
July 27, 2006

Israel at War

Click to Listen to the Show (24 MB MP3) Thinking back, trying to recreate my conversations with worried friends about this war with Lebanon, about the Iranian missiles, the Syrian...| More
August 17, 2010

Real India: Novelist Paul Zacharia Shares His...

Click to listen to Chris’ conversation with Paul Zacharia. (33 minutes, 15 mb mp3) Paul Zacharia is a novelist and story writer eminent in the Malayalam language and in Trivandrum,...| More
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