April 13, 2012

Jay Rosen on our Media Malaise: Who...

That idea of stories too big to tell, lies too big to take back, an audience hooked on placebos it doesn't believe -- it all makes sense about a malaise...| More
March 28, 2008

The News about the News: Jay Rosen

This seems to be the moment in which the death of the American newspaper can be foretold with some authority — by Eric Alterman in this week’s New Yorker; by...| More
April 13, 2012

George Scialabba: Media Malaise and this American...

George Scialabba flatters and provokes with a comment on Jay Rosen‘s view of dysfunctional media and the Tony Judt thread of Open Source conversations. George is an independent essayist —...| More
April 11, 2012

Tim Snyder and Tony Judt: another narrative...

  Timothy Snyder, a rising-star historian at Yale (most recently of Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin), is turning up the heat on his friend Tony Judt’s parting sermons about...| More
June 14, 2006

Truth, Balance and the News

Click to Listen to the Show (24 MB MP3) Journalism is not stenography. Jeffrey Dvorkin In our email this morning we found this: …if my e-mail box is any indication,...| More
May 2, 2006

Stephen Colbert, Court Jester

Click to Listen to the Show (24 MB MP3) The White House Correspondents’ Association invited Stephen Colbert to speak last Saturday. It’s a yearly ritual: the press corps, the administration...| More
October 17, 2005

Getting Judith Miller

Click to Listen to the Show (24 MB MP3)| More
October 3, 2005

Times Select: All the News That's Fit...

Listen to the Show screen grab [3 Oct 05, New York Times] A couple of weeks ago, the New York Times launched Times Select — pitched as “exclusive online access”...| More
June 21, 2005

The Downing Street Memo

24 MB MP3 I was asked to go along to a meeting with a friend…and he asked me whether there were still people interested in what had happened with the...| More
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