November 7, 2007

He Got It Wrong, Alas: Kanan Makiya

My friend Kanan Makiya was the most influential Iraqi advocate in America of the war to “liberate” his country five years ago. Today he is the most articulate casualty of...| More
June 22, 2005

Kanan Makiya, Iraqi War Witness

Kanan Makiya is a war witness in Iraq like none other. A rebel child of an eminent Iraqi architect, Kanan Makiya exiled himself to MIT in the late 1960s as...| More
March 8, 2006


Over my lifetime, I have collected images that have informed me about the way life has been lived. … In a way, art taught me how to look at life,...| More
November 1, 2005

The NeoCons: What Were They Thinking?

Click to Listen to the Show (24 MB MP3) Is this what they were after? [hbushra, The Junior Bushra’s Blog ] Remind me now — in what look and feel...| More
September 15, 2005

Anthony Shadid on Iraq

It’s only now, looking back on some of our shows from the last few months, that I can see an Iraq mini-series of sorts that should have been obvious for...| More
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