March 26, 2014

A Walk in the Woods with Robert...

This podcast is a short excerpt from Emerson Redux, a full hour show on Ralph Waldo Emerson created in 2006. We all half-know Emerson by the other writers he gathered around...| More
March 26, 2014

Robert Richardson on Emerson’s Apostasy

This podcast is a short excerpt from Emerson Redux, a full hour show on Ralph Waldo Emerson from 2006. Ralph Waldo Emerson followed his father’s footsteps into the Unitarian ministry...| More
December 31, 2006

William James: Son, Brother, Hero

The quick-silver mind of William James -- "incandescent, tormented, mercurial" were his wife's words for a scientist and philosopher who fancied chaos, chance and direct experience -- leaps off the...| More
June 19, 2015

Under The Algerian Sun: Camus and Daoud

It’s the rare writer who can pick up where Albert Camus — master of midcentury philosophy and fiction — left off in the modern classic, The Outsider (formerly translated as...| More
November 12, 2010

Kwame Anthony Appiah: How to Make a...

Kwame Anthony Appiah in The Honor Code is inviting all of us to pick the “moral revolution” of our dreams and let him show us how to get big results...| More
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